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IN PURSUIT is an original podcast from Glassdoor. Host Amy Elisa Jackson dives into the stories of extraordinary people navigating life’s most pivotal moments at the intersection of the personal and professional. The Red Cup team was part of all parts of the production process. Listen to Season OneSubscribe on Apple Podcasts. Season Two begins production in Q1 2020.

On a Call With ... is a podcast about living a creative life.  It's informal, fun, and short. Most episodes clock in about 10 minutes.  Find it on Apple Podcasts.

500 Words about living a creative life

Privacy Pod is a scripted cybersecurity podcast drama that is part of the FutureX Podcast Network. Privacy Pod is written and directed by Lee Schneider. Casting Director, Laura Lopez. Listen on Art19


We are also in production on branded podcasts for corporate clients.

Podcasts in Distribution

  • IN PURSUIT from Glassdoor

  • 500 Words Podcast

    500 Words – about living a creative life

  • Baby Crazy – the Podcast for Parents Over 40

  • Future of Food – Food Innovators

  • Ambassadors of Joy – Business and Spirituality

  • EdTech NOW – Digital Literacy for Students and Teachers

Let's Collaborate on Your Best Podcast

Red Cup Agency provides podcast production services. I work with you to develop your concept, book your guests, handle production, post-production, and distribution. Red Cup saves you time and makes podcasting easy. 

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Standard Deliverables

  • Podcast concept development
  • Show outlines and scripts
  • Guest booking services including scheduling
  • Multi-track production recording
  • Multi-track post-production and mixdown
  • Music Intro and Outro
  • Graphics
  • Distribution via Simplecast, Libsyn, PodBean, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, or Castbox
  • Show notes with Key Takeaways

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I work with clients on podcasts about science, education, fitness, tech, cybersecurity, parenting, and food. Working with a small, dedicated team, I make podcasts to build your brand and your popularity. I also make internal podcasts that are are used for training and internal communications.

Here's a quick link to some of our recent podcasts.

Ambassadors of Joy is a podcast that takes a spiritual view of money and success. Listen

Baby Crazy is a podcast for parents over 40. Listen

Future of Food features food innovators. Listen

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Red Cup Podcast History

EdTech NOW, a popular podcast about education and tech, has completed two successful seasons of production. Episodes are posted on SoundCloud. Brandboom is a multi-episode podcast about fashion, retail, and tech. Discover the Brandboom podcast SoundCloud, and iTunes. Cult/Tech was a 39-episode podcast on SoundCloud and is syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn. The series averaged 4,500 plays per month on SoundCloud alone. Single “most popular” episodes have reached 7K plays within a few months of release. All of our podcasts are promoted on our social media channels.

Our past productions include the Be Global Podcast, the TechSmart Podcast, Inside the Mind of Your Angel Investor, and a wine podcast for Smidge Wines.