Podcasting at Red Cup

Your Podcast. Our Production Skills.

Red Cup Agency provides a turn-key service to take your podcast from idea to execution. We are showrunners. We work with you to develop your concept, book your guests, handle production, post-production, and distribution.

Standard Deliverables

  • Podcast concept development
  • Show outlines and scripts
  • Guest booking services including scheduling
  • Multi-track production recording
  • Multi-track post-production and mixdown
  • Music Intro and Outro
  • Graphics
  • Distribution via SoundCloud or PodBean, iTunes, TuneIn, or Stitcher Radio
  • Show notes with Key Takeaways

For a detailed look at the production process, check this out.

Our Podcasting History

We make podcasts about branding, retail marketing, science and tech, education, and food and wine. EdTech NOW has completed two successful seasons of production. Our episodes are posted on SoundCloud. Brandboom is a multi-episode podcast about fashion, retail, and tech. Discover it on the Brandboom site, on SoundCloud, and iTunes. Future of Food is a 20-episode podcast about food. Discover it here: http://futurefood.fm Cult/Tech was a 39-episode podcast on SoundCloud and is syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn. The series averaged 4,500 plays per month on SoundCloud alone. Single “most popular” episodes have reached 7K plays within a few months of release. The podcast was promoted on our social media channels. @docuguy on Twitter has 11.1K followers. @redcupagency on Twitter has 2.4K followers. We posted about it (and our other podcasts) here on Red Cup Agency, and on our Medium publications, where we have 1.7K followers. We have an email newsletter that also promotes our podcasts. Red Cup Agency Podcasts

Our past productions include the Be Global Podcast, the TechSmart Podcast, Inside the Mind of Your Angel Investor, and a wine podcast for Smidge Wines.

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