Written By Chloe Anthony-Pillai 

The e-learning landscape is changing and for the better. There have been great developments in technology which allow e-learning to enter a new phase of development and interactivity.

Technology is so important in changing this landscape. It’s important that companies embrace it rather than shy away from it. As technology does not need to disrupt your business but rather aid it for the better and bring it up to date with the changing landscape and demands of tomorrow. So, what can you do to ensure you are preparing your business for the demands of tomorrow?

Reevaluate how you currently teach

This could be training internal/external or this could be courses you sell. Is your training available online? Some experts predict that by 2019, 50% of all classes will be delivered online – make sure you’re making a headway now, so you’re not left behind. Research types of technology that could aid your business to make what you teach transferable online. Have a look at places where you can create online schools and teach through a virtual classroom such as HowNow. Don’t view technology as a barrier but rather an aid to making the experience more engaging.  There are many ways to use technology to make sure the learners are interacting more every step of the way. For example, would VR be appropriate to your training – do you want to immerse your learners in the environment – this is an experience I am sure they will remember! Have you thought about audio learning modules which people can digest when their hands are not free such as shopping, traveling and doing the house chores? Technology allows you to make learning flexible in the lives of your learners.

Don’t fear technology in education – embrace it

Many people fear the insertion of technology in education as they believe it causes people to lose interest in the subject matter they are trying to learn. However, technology has enabled people to have interactive and engaging lessons such as enabling live classes and the introduction of gamification. It could be argued that learning this way requires more engagement than simply attending a lecture or a training session because the learners are actively involved.  A Forbes article looked at a study found that e-learning in the workplace can boost retention rates by 25-60% in comparison to traditional training methods. Might be worth a try?

Reach more people and spend less money

E-learning and its developments in recent years have made it more accessible to a wider audience- you can now teach across the globe. It has also made it a lot cheaper to produce engaging classes and courses. Teaching online has allowed people to cut down on physical costs, such as room hire, catering, equipment, printing and much more. Thanks to technology you can quickly and easily create content and upload it to an online platform. Having things online means that it’s accessible at any point and the materials cannot be lost. With likely over 3.2 billion people with access to the internet hosting online training could not be simpler.  If you’re a business selling courses, then this enables you to reach a global audience. If you’re a business that is providing training, then what a great way to reduce costs and ensure consistency and quality control in your global staff training.

So, don’t knock technology’s use in education. It has an important role to play. As we see technology influence many other parts of our lives its important to not let education be the last category to innovate. Explore some e-learning tools and platforms that enable you to teach online and give it a go.

About the Author

Chloe Anthony-Pilla works at HowNow as the Social and Content Lead. She looks after the HowNow blog and other content roles as well as managing and producing content for the social channels. HowNow is an educational software platform that enables people with expertise to monetize their knowledge through selling online courses in their own online school.

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