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Podcasts for graphic design are a substitute for content like video and written copy and work as an excellent form of radio talk show right on your phone. These marketing concepts are usually filled with information, tips, and all-over valuable content for graphic designers. You can listen to a graphic design podcast anywhere, take them when traveling, and listen to them when you want to. You can play these design podcasts again and again if you miss anything important on the first listen.

Basically, graphic design podcast is a valuable asset for anyone wanting to improve their skills or find a surplus of inspiration for their upcoming design projects. Instead of consuming written material about design technique, you’d like to listen to an interview with a graphic designer you admire. Listening to such content offers you a more straightforward choice to enhance your creativity, business, and marketing. 

Here are the top 10 graphic design podcasts that can be beneficial to you.

Resourceful Designer

The resourceful designer is a podcast hosted by designer Mark Des Cotes that takes on everything from efficiently managing deadlines to all the basics of a home office. With a moniker like Resourceful Designer, this design podcast offers high-value, interesting content for designers of every skill level weekly that motivates you to increase your business and creative strengths.

With more than 150 episodes so far, this length podcast is projected at both web and graphic designers based from home who want reliable results that they can use for their design businesses and projects. Mark gets extra brownie points for also creating a blog on the same site that offers part of the same, exciting content in words. 

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

Deeply Graphic DesignCast is a podcast for both web and graphic design that specializes in offering you with actionable, useful as well as new and excellent tips on becoming a more efficient designer. The immense value proposition with this podcast is that every episode guarantees to do a profound jump into a distinct side of graphic design or anything linked to the industry. You get new content every time you tune in. 

This podcast is hosted by Wes McDowell, and every episode also improves the responsive element by requesting questions submitted by the user who gets personal notice and is solved by the team members at Deep End (the studio for web-designs behind the podcast). Since this podcast has been running for a long time, you are sure to gain plenty of authoritative and experienced information. 

The Logo Geek Podcast

If you have ever wanted to get an in-depth insight into what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and graphic designer, then this podcast is the right choice for you. It includes several interviews with successful entrepreneurs and designers, who tell some behind-the-scenes secrets to help you become successful too. 

Blasting from the UK, host Ian Padget dives into fascinating topics like starting your graphic design agency and how to get into branding design for sports, and so on. Every podcast features a useful transcript and handy show notes to aid you in doing more research on your own pace if a specific topic or theme interests you. 

Being Freelance

If you are working as a graphic designer, perhaps you are working freelance whether you are working full time or using your designing skills as a side hustle. This podcast focuses on the freelance aspect of graphic design and all the things it involves, like maintaining productivity and enhancing it, staying motivated, learning how to keep clients engaged, how to start a business, and so on.

Being Freelance has been running for seven seasons, so there is a longstanding source on the web that has linked freelancers with one another and offered priceless prospects. Hosted by Steve Folland, this design podcast connects designers struggling with similar problems as the marketing part of this field can be quite isolating and stressful. Straight to the point and casual, this fun podcast engages creatives from all backgrounds.

Design Matters by Debbie Millman

This podcast is noteworthy because it is the oldest podcast associated with designing. Design Matters by Debbie Millman was also the first podcast to delve into the industry of design. The podcast’s format is to widely explore the more extensive culture of creativity, which implies interviews with not only designers, but also actors, illustrators, writers, and artists.

The interviews feature iconic graphic designers such as Paula Scher and entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, this podcast offers inspiration to those just getting into the field of design and those who want to discover what it takes to enhance their careers. This thought-provoking podcast is for you if you have wanted to know how successful entrepreneurs and designers think and work.   

Downloaded five million times a year, Design Matters is among the most prevalent design podcasts and for any designer, it is a must-listen. The entire archives, from 2005, are accessible at DesignObserver.com.

Aid Networks

Come along with graphic designer Mark Brickey as he ushers in enthusiasm and fun to the range of thought provoking podcasts. In the segment of The Shop Talk, Mark and his friends from the industry banter, which is while entertaining is also filled with useful information. 

Aid is actually an abbreviation for Adventures in Design, and what makes this podcast stand above the rest is its immense quantity of content. The website is like a storehouse for any topic a designer could be interested in, which involves interviews, tips for freelance designers from a business viewpoint, questions from new designers, in-depth discussions of pol-culture design over history, and many more.

Due to the website’s immense collection of podcasts and other shows, it costs you a fee of subscription (with options for yearly and monthly subscriptions), but it provides you access to their complete archive. 

Creative Playdate by Michelle Kondrich

This podcast has a twist: it is aimed mainly at those creatives and designers who are trying to start and continue their creative jobs all the while needing to handle raising their kids. While it may feel like it is only for a particular audience inside the community of graphic design, this podcast provides sound advice that is useful for graphic designers everywhere—those who had children or not. 

A combination of spotlight designer interviews and career advice from those who are raising children and balancing their lives with work, Creative Playdate is the project of Michelle Kondrich, a commercial artist and animator. 

The Reflex Blue Show

The Reflex Blue Show has been running for a long time, and it covers everything and anything related to design. It does an in-depth discourse on pop culture and graphic and web design. Donovan Beery from Nebraska hosts it. This podcast has been liked for ten seasons and their longevity is mainly due to its fascinating blend of guests—such as Jessica Hische and Stefan Sagmeister—and case studies of what specific design studios did to become successful. 

Closing its coverage is also the how-to-advice for graphic designers (e.g. how to work with non-creative jobs like budgeting and to write design proposals) that are continually evergreen. 

The Accidental Creative and The Daily Creative Graphic Design Podcasts

The Accidental Creative podcast has been ongoing for ten years and is hosted by Todd Henry, an author. The best part of this podcast is that it is equipped for graphic designers, but it is also attractive to every creative generally, making for extremely comprehensive content. Weekly podcast episodes go over everything from maintaining your health as a graphic designer to always remain inspired. 

As the name suggests, The Daily Creative is a much shorter edition of the above mentioned that covers daily, easy hacks that designers can use promptly. Henry tackles topics that range from fostering confidence as a designer and managing productivity checklists to offer more efficient outcomes to walkthroughs on how to leave your creative comfort zone behind to accomplish your objectives.  

The Graphic Designer Podcast

This direct name podcast is a universal collection of topics that are crucial to graphic designers who want to improve their career. It is not as popular as other podcasts on this list, but it is a significant entry based on their wide range of many, many topics alone. 

Designers Jessica Rosengard and Dan Nisbet host the Graphic Designer Podcast. They provide you with lists of useful designer resources you would not find anywhere else, moving from freelancing to full-time designing jobs, logo design, adjusting to unprecedented changes at work, and portfolio guidance. Often, they also do interviews with an entrepreneur or creative.


For graphic designers who are working full-time, freelancing, or starting their own agency, it’s essential to remain on top of the innovations happening within your industry. This helps in maintaining your senses and enables you to offer the highest quality on all your projects. These podcasts are among the best sources on the web to assist you with that.

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