Many individuals struggling against addiction often found solace in a physical recovery institution or program. However, there are modern platforms where listeners can find some remedy from fellow addicts speaking through their headphones. Here are some of the best podcasts to follow for the recovering addict.

Written by Adam Durnham

That Sober Guy

This show is hosted by Shane who is a recovering alcoholic. He has a lot of guests coming in his show from celebrities to everyday Joe or Jane who are also on the path to recovery. Jacoby Shaddix from the band Papa Roach, Matt Mayberry (NFL linebacker), and Anna David (New York Times best-selling author) are just a small list of the multiple public figures who have visited this show.

Shane focuses on topics such as cultivating a positive outlook in life, healthy lifestyle and staying sober. The Sober Guy is a platform for a community of individuals seeking the better side of life and staying sober as they try to recover from addiction.

Shane Ramer (sober since 2013) upholds an objective way of interviewing his guests and shares with others their journey towards recovery.

The Sober Guy currently holds about 150 podcasts with new podcast episodes aired online per week.

The Bubble Hour

Alcoholism generally affects about more than 50% of adults in America directly or indirectly. With the Bubble Hour, it seeks to educate through conversations of fellow alcoholics about their struggle with alcohol addiction.

This show is hosted by Jean M., a woman who had her fair dealings with alcoholism. Her goal is to break down the stigma surrounding alcoholism and help those who are suffering from it by using her own experience of the battle.

Listeners, especially women, have often found this podcast helpful and game-changing. The experiences from other guests have also helped fellow alcoholics and other listeners cope with this disease.

The host is also sincere, kind, and speaks openly about her struggles with alcohol and draws inquisitive gems from her guests about their personal struggle and triumph.

However, listeners may have some problem with the audio quality. But the messages itself is motivating.


This podcast, hosted by best-selling author Anna David, features artists, musicians, and comedians who talk about their fair share of addiction, sobriety, and recovery.

This weekly podcast features interesting guests sharing their own experience to help shed light on the other side of addiction. Of all of the special guests on the podcast, Dr. Drew and Moby are two of AfterPartyPod’s listener favorites.

AfterParty Magazine, an entity also associated with AfterParty podcast, also gives a lot of information for readers. It has topics that can be correlated with the podcast and enhance the listeners understanding of treatments and alternative options available to them. These two platforms aim to help struggling individuals find a community or seek professional help.

Since Right Now

This podcast is a collaboration of three men on the path to recovery: Chris, Jeff, and Matt. Their topics range from marriage, holidays, depression, relapse and other challenges that most addicts face.

Listeners often find valuable gems from expert guests to help listeners understand more about addiction. The podcasts are also a venue for fellow addicts who are recovering and those who are seeking to maintain a life of sobriety.

For most listeners, they find that this podcast is suitable for those following a 12-step program and those who sought help for initial treatments. There is also a wealth of community from fellow listeners seeking treatment against addiction and often the community can help others find a support group to help them with their journey towards recovery.

The SHAIR Project

The title says it all: Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery (SHAIR).

The host of the show is Omar Pinto, a life coach and speaker whose niche specializes in addiction recovery.

Despite the ‘gloom and doom’ surrounding individuals struggling to find joy and happiness throughout their journey. Omar and his guests aim to help listeners find means to destroy bad habits. Omar also speaks life for those looking to find victory in their walk in life during addiction and towards recovery.

The SHAIR Project also has its own community of listeners who aim to help each other maintain sobriety. Though some listeners may find his program peppered with ad including moments where famous guests have done their share of name-dropping, but overall listeners find valuable information from Omar’s positive outlook in life and his guest’s experience in their pathway towards recovery.

Dear Sugar Radio

Unlike other podcasts, Dear Sugar Radio is not exclusive for recovering addicts. It covers a wide variety of topics that are applicable in all facets of life.

A popular episode where it features popular author of best-selling memoir ‘Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget’ Sarah Hepola, focuses on alcoholism. Many listeners have found the ‘Live in Portland Part 2’ particularly saturated with valuable insights from answering letters from listeners struggling with addiction.

Hosts Steve and Clare are complementary in their methods, but some listeners may find Steve to be a bit rigid. With Clare, some listeners may hear her dropping her book. She also has the tendency to turn personal problems towards her own.

Different strokes for different folks. If you’re on your way to recovering from any form of addiction, some help can go a long way. These podcasts aim to help the listeners understand more about addiction and help themselves (or educate those with family members or friends who are addicted) to see things differently when it comes to facing addiction and starting towards a recovery phase.

Adam Durnham is a freelance blogger born in Canada and raised in Detroit, Michigan. As a former alcoholic, Adam is a fan of the 12-steps program and is passionate about educating people about addiction, mental health, and recovery. Adam is a frequent collaborator with the Sunshine Behavioral Health blogs and all of its affiliate rehab blogs.


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