TechSmart Podcast #10

First in our series about startups and startup culture: Kris Hewitt discusses how eightpointnine, the coffee subscription service he co-founded, has leveraged online marketing. Maribel Lopez talks Big Data for mobile.

Kris Hewitt of eightpointnine.comKris Hewitt is a co-founder of eightpointnine, a coffee subscription company that represents a new way to buy custom-blended coffee online. Kris talks about how his startup found its market of coffee drinkers, discusses Twitter as a way to direct the conversation, and talks about eightpointnine’s plans for the future. Featured in Springwise, a blog of entrepreneurial ideas, eightpointnine is a startup powered, like others, on caffeine. But Kris and his co-founder, Phil Clarke, have re-imagined e-commerce for the global coffee drinker.

Also in the podcast, Maribel Lopez, columnist at and a mobile market research analyst, tells us how Big Data can be leveraged on mobile devices. TechSmart is on SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher Radio. When on the Red Cup site, just click the orange button to listen. Interviews are by Lee Schneider