Five YouTube Marketing Campaigns Your Brand Can Use

Written by Cley Williams

The kind of YouTube marketing campaign your brand chooses to launch will be shaped by the culture of the brand, the goals and objectives of the campaign, and your target market. For companies that never run a marketing campaign on the video platform, YouTube marketing can help you optimize their brand awareness and reach which in turn means more sales conversions.

But apart from the obvious pre-roll ads we all know YouTube for, what other kind of campaigns can your brand run?

Marketing Product Placements on YouTube. Among the most frequent and efficient kinds of video marketing campaigns is incorporating a product, service, or even a logo into a video posted on YouTube that is often not directly related to your brand. By featuring a product or service of the brand on YouTube, or even showing the brand’s logo in a favorable light, a company can easily grab the attention of thousands or even millions of YouTube viewers and potential customers. The product could be a part of the set or logo …

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YouTube is Important for Startups

Look, I am a video snob. I’ll admit that right up front. Since I come from a production background I’m used to lots of toys, like multiple cameras, lighting setups powerful enough to trip the breakers in any celebrity’s home, Steadicams, helicopters and satellite uplinks. I have standards, dude.  But mostly now I ignore them. I need the rankings.

Art matters. You need rankings, too.

Are you launching or running a startup? Spare no expense on your explainer video. Throw everything you can at it and make it great. Have real people in it, you, your co-founder, your users, people who benefit from what you’re doing. People using your product and enjoying life at the same time is an unbeatable combo. Keep the stick-figure animation to a minimum. It looks cheezy.

Bring on the cheez.

Speaking of cheezy, let’s switch the topic to YouTube. There are many things not to like about the platform. The cheezy ads, the cheezy videos that vault to the top of rankings, the clunky interface that invites struggle and strife. Vimeo is the elegant …

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Magazines and YouTube, Story and Image

This post originally appeared in Medium.

Written by Lee Schneider

Seeking long form journalism, do we gaze into an iPad to find the future, or do we browse YouTube?

Walk along Hudson Street in New York. Look at magazines and publishing houses. Their death is announced daily. But for something that is dead, magazines keep mysteriously filling newsstands and mailboxes. Books turn up everywhere, even made of paper, even in libraries. Look at long form content. Everybody talks about the supremacy of 140 characters, but Longreads thrives, Atavist is healthy, and Amazon’s Kindle Singles is a lively home for reportage, humor and novellas.

Come along to Silicon Beach in Los Angeles. Look at metastasizing production houses sprouting along the streets of Santa Monica and Venice where I work, all laboring to make viral YouTube videos. Since each viral video is viral for a different reason, all previous speculations explode.

YouTube Channels, cheap, fast and out of control, laughable at times, scary at others, might prove to be the killer of the word, or at …

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TechSmart Podcast: Josef Holm, co-founder of Tubestart

Tubestart started early in 2013 when Josef Holm and his friend and business partner, comedian Claude Shires, created a YouTube channel for a library of standup comedy bits they’d acquired. The site received a million views, but Holm and Shires received only a small amount of revenue.

They saw an opportunity for YouTube creators to have their own channel where they could crowdfund their projects. They’ve adopted a model that allows video creators to crowdfund monthly subscription-based support for ongoing projects. Creators can also launch all-or-nothing Kickstarter-style campaigns on Tubestart and flexible funding campaigns are okay, too.

Most YouTube creators, says Josef, are not doing one-time projects. If they’re launching channels, they’re doing web series, and that means ongoing support. This is what Tubestart is built to deliver.

In the podcast, Josef describes how to succeed on Tubestart and in crowdfunding. “You need to run the campaign like it’s a presidential campaign. You need to want to win,” he says. He breaks down the planning and techniques to help video creators launch and maintain successful crowdfunding campaigns. He …

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Five Steps to Social SEO – Step 3: Find Your Media

This is a multi-part series written by Lee Schneider about how to be found online using social SEO.  [If you missed step one of this series, it’s right here and step two is here.]

Everybody talks about engagement, but does anybody really know what it means? For me engagement has a lot to do with loyalty. If people like the content that you’re putting out, they come back for more. Either it’s interesting, funny, or funny and/or interesting.  (For an example of funny and/or interesting, see @pourmecoffee on Twitter.)

If You Were a Content Tree, What Kind Would You Be?

To make social SEO work for you, you have to practice it. A lot. Some recommend posting a blog a day, or at least several times per week. To create all that content, you’d better like doing it. So we have to ask, What do you naturally like to do? Some of us are writers. Others are talkers, and still others are visual people. Take some time to think about the content you really enjoy posting …

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