Social Video Marketing: Why It’s Essential for Visibility

Written by Philip Mazloumian 

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should be on social media. But in order to take full advantage of the benefits offered by social media, it is crucial to pay keen attention to the content that you share as well as the platforms that you use.

Quite simply, you need to match the right platform with the purpose you have in mind, whether for potential customers to discover your brand and its offerings or to be able to motivate them to make the purchase.

One such platform is video.

Why video?

Online videos offer a few advantages that blog posts, infographics, and other platforms simply cannot offer.


Before you can compel customers to purchase from you, you need to establish trust. With the right story, you can engage your audience and appeal to their emotions.

SEO benefits

Google rewards companies that use online videos. For one, videos help boost your search engine rankings. Apart from that, consumers spend more time on websites that have embedded videos. In turn, search engines see that as a sign …

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