UnSit Co-Founder Rob Jacobs Featured on the Cult/Tech Podcast

UnSit co-founder Rob Jacobs speaks about working while walking, and how moving while you think benefits your creativity and enhances your productivity. For this podcast he walked through the interview, discussing features and benefits of the WALK-1 treadmill. Listen right here on our site, or click through to SoundCloud to download the episode for later.

Here’s a show log if you want to skip ahead:

1:09 — Professional backgrounds of Rob & Paul, the founders of UnSit 1:39 — Sitting is the New Smoking: “People are sitting too much and too long.” 5:57 — WALK-1’s mobile app, integrated with Apple’s health app and FitBit 9:29 — Examining overall benefits of walking while working — why walk and work? 11:55 — Discussing the medical perspective on prolonged sitting 13:48 — Discussing the creative spark that occurs while walking 14:45 — Scientific and medical discoveries that inspire and support UnSit’s mission 16:45 — How the WALK-1 be used in a work environment 19: 03 — The direction and future of working in motion

As Rob discusses in the …

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