Focus and Flow in Startups

Working in startupland is a game of focus and flow. To accomplish morning tasks, focus is what you need. That means slipping headphones on in your coworking space to block out the startup team in the next office playing loud Neil Diamond because they don’t know any better, then flipping through an app like Asana, and then crunching down the list that you’ve broken down by tags and due dates. We run on apps. Each member of our team works independently, often in different spaces, connected by Uberconference, Slack, and Dialpad. Sometimes we use the dreaded Google Hangouts platform or the much-better Zoom. I’ve deployed this method effectively with Red Cup over the past five years, but it comes from earlier on, from my production days.

In film and TV production, each part of the process is handled by a different person or group. Camera people film. Audio people record sound. Lighting people light the scene. Even before they arrive on that scene, location scouts have discovered it, booking producers have set up guests and interviews, and writers or …

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