How to Manage Your Blog Without Going Crazy

Manage Your Blog and Social Feeds with Calendars

Managing all your blogs and social feeds is a balancing act. But you can make it easier. Create an editorial calendar for yourself.  You can start up a calendar on Google or if you use WordPress, there is a terrific plug-in that you can use to see and schedule all your upcoming posts. If you use Hootsuite, check out the Publisher view (it has a paper airplane icon) which allows you to see all pending posts in a calendar format.  All those solutions share some key features: They are visual so you can see what things look like over a month’s time, and they allow for drag-and-drop, which means you can switch the schedule of posts around just by moving them.

Know What You’re Going to Write

For two years I wrote a blog called 500 Words on Thursday. It was (guess what?) five hundred words, posted  each week on Thursday.  Each week I rarely knew what I was going to write before I wrote it. I let each blog …

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Make Your Online Social Connections – Maximize Your SEO

The Internet is Overwhelming

I get this comment a lot: ‘The internet is overwhelming. I don’t know where to start.’  I hear you. It will help you to know that you don’t have to communicate with everyone all at once to effectively practice Social SEO. Being effective starts with getting a sense sense of your best connections and then creating a system to manage them.

There is an art and science to finding your tribe online: You can build lists of people you like on Twitter, or join LinkedIn Groups. You can use Google’s blog search to find blogs and businesses that are similar to yours. Once you have a list you need a way to manage it. Luckily, there are tools like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Sprout Social and Buffer to help you manage the information, watch social accounts you need to keep an eye on, and schedule your media.

Social SEO is Engagement

A reminder here: Social SEO is about engagement.  You need to be present online throughout the day, however, and pretty much every day. That’s a commitment. A small part of that can …

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How to Optimize Your Website and Be Found Online

How to Optimize Your Site

You want your site to be indexed by Google, Bing and other bots. The reason is simple: when people search for the name of your business, your business comes up, and even more importantly, when people search for the market category you’re in (‘eco-friendly dry cleaners in Jackson Hole’) your business comes up at the top of results. Optimizing your sites for search engines is making them machine friendly. But that’s only part of the puzzle, because people are your customers and clients, not computers. (Unless you’re living in an advanced civilization somewhere, in which case I suggest you just get on your jet pack and fly away now.)

People find what they want online by using search engines, but they also go by recommendations. If they don’t have a friend to give them advice, they turn to online proxies, like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google. Activity online like posts, conversation and comments will change rankings. People are calling this conversational approach Social SEO. Let’s start with the simple things you need to have going …

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