TechSmart – Sebastian Marshall – Episode 28

Sebastian Marshall is Executive Director of Children’s Plaza Nonprofit Corp, which runs  GiveGetWin — a new approach to fundraising that helps raise funds for charity without emphasizing suffering or having anyone feel guilty. Marshall has lived, worked, and traveled through dozens of countries and currently divides his time between Asia, the US and Europe. Marshall’s main focus is the charity, which is a 100% volunteer operation.  He pays his bills with a small group of clients at his management consulting practice, focusing on executive development.

Sebastian and I cover a broad range of topics on the podcast today, centered around online trends. We talk about online collaboration using Skype, Google Docs, Trello, Asana and Teambox. We discuss the shift of leisure time from offline to online, and we discuss the way everyone is creating new media on the fly.  Sometime next month, look for me on Sebastian’s site, GiveGetWin, where I’ll be offering a special online learning session all about creating quality content online.  Sebastian will be back on TechSmart soon to …

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