Kidizen: Social E-Commerce for Moms

Kidizen is a mobile marketplace for parents to buy and sell pre-loved kid stuff. It is community driven with a social aspect that really allows buyers and sellers to connect. The site caters to customers looking for anything from a vintage look to a bargain on a high-end dress. Ultimately the treasure hunt for a great deal on a unique item becomes part of the fun.

Founders have a strong background

The founders of Kidizen come from an agency background, with a focus on retail advertising and brand building. They worked with large retailers with moms as their audience. As a result, they spent years exploring what drives moms and their consumer behaviors. This background has helped them grow the company as they have such a good grasp on their audience’s interests and pain points.

They have social media influence

Kidizen has established quite a substantial audience on social media. They boast 1,000+ Twitter followers, 67,000+ Facebook likes and 7,000+ Instagram followers on their corporate pages. They focus on a lot of engaging content (especially …

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