Steve Lee of Aura Health on the cult-tech podcast

Aura is a mindfulness app that can learn from you and show you the right kind of meditation session for your mood. It was developed by Steve Lee, who studied bioengineering at UC Berkeley and UCSF. He is passionate about mental health, starting at the molecular biological level, to individual mental health, right up to the macro level, healthcare as it is practiced in hospitals and institutional settings. It’s a passion that he says was ingrained in his personality since birth.

He grew up in a family of doctors was fully prepared to become one himself, ready to press go on the application process, until a different mission became clear to him. He became an entrepreneur.

You’ll enjoy the podcast if you’re seeking to explore meditation for happiness and stress reduction. Steve offered something special for our listeners – a free upgrade to the premium version of the app. Just go to to check it out.

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