Your Startup Needs to Track Users, Visits and More

Last night I taught a course at General Assembly called Online Marketing Analytics. It’s the second time I’ve taught it, and both times were well attended.

Can you guess why?

Startup founders and entrepreneurs need to track stuff and they don’t know how. In charting the rise of the visual planning app Trello, founder Joel Spolsky wrote that in the early days of the app users posted about it on Twitter.  He tracked those mentions to get a sense of how they were feeling about Trello, and how they were using it. Knowing what other people are saying about you on social media isn’t just a vanity play. It’s a valuable feedback loop. You’ll learn how users are using your app, how they talk about it, and how adoption of it might spread.

The tracking game argues for a distinctive name (Trello!) or at least a hashtag for you or your app, to make tracking easier. Using is brilliant, too, because you’ll see instantly across all media where you’re being talked about. is a free tool that gives you a snapshot …

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