There Will Be Haters (Part II)

In the days when I wrote often for ‘The Huffington Post,’ I used to say that it wasn’t a blog until you offend somebody. Seemed that my most successful blogs always brought out the trolls. That’s how I knew they were successful. Big audience numbers always come with lots of opinions.

How do you know when you’re doing marketing right?

You know you’re doing marketing right when some people complain. To promote something, you have to get loud. You want to do it meaningfully and intelligently if you can, but stupid also works just fine. It depends on your startup’s culture.

Be intelligent. But stupid also works.

GoDaddy does dumb really well. Media Temple does class. Namecheap, despite the name, positions itself for meaning by advocating net neutrality. (Media Temple is owned by GoDaddy, so their class is only skin deep.)

I’ve written before about experimenting with Twitter ads. I tried it again recently to promote a free class I’ve giving on crowdfunding. I was surprised to see that the new ads brought out the haters. People in the …

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