Startup Culture in Los Angeles and Santa Monica

I’m writing a book called ‘Culture-Building for Startups.’ As I hum away on it in the next few months, selected chapters will be previewed in this blog, so stay tuned! To start things off in the land of startup culture-building, I want to offer you my Startup Sourcelist. I gathered all my firsthand info on coworking spaces in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, along with listings for LA-area incubators, accelerators and education resources. From General Assembly to MuckerLab, it’s all in the sourcelist. If you’re here in Santa Monica and want to know more about what’s going on or you’re thinking of moving to Southern California to get your startup going, download the LA startup sourcelist.

LA is now a startup town.

Billions are being raised here for startups, LaunchpadLA has been called the top accelerator in LA, and Forbes ranks it in the top five. General Assembly is booming with great classes. Coworking spaces are thriving.  Silicon Beach is more than just a silly name; it’s now attached to an unsilly, thriving culture. The next wave is already upon …

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