How to Write an Article that Shows Your Value

Written by Lee Schneider

It’s been said that writing is easy. You just sit in front of a blank piece of paper until blood comes out of your eyes. It’s a little less bloody now, of course, because we have computers. But for many, writing can be a mountain to climb.

Getting started on an article, a blog post or a newsletter might just be the hardest part about writing. But beginning is a lot easier when you know that the most effective articles are from 300-500 words. You can keep it short. It’s not a dissertation, and you don’t have to tell all that you know in a single article. You also want to keep it personal, making a connection between your reader and yourself. We are narrative creatures – think of our ancient ancestors sitting around a campfire telling stories. So, tell a story, bring in a short anecdote, connect. You’ll also want to show value, but in a non-pitchy, non sales-y way. What does that mean?

The most successful blog articles, and also LinkedIn posts and Twitter …

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