Domain Expertise

We are not all new at this. We have domain expertise.

There is a pervasive story, a fantasy, that the media likes to tell us. It is about the first-timer who becomes an overnight success, the YouTuber with charisma and little else who wins a million subscribers, the band that rises out of nowhere to record a killer track, the business consultant who has spoken magic words and made millions on them. The app that eats the world.

Audiences are manipulated by buzzwords, by pixel-driven memes, by paid advertising, by media walls of sound, by a promise of simplicity that isn’t always true.

But you are not new at this. You have domain expertise. Sometimes discovering that expertise can take a while, but once you do, it is the engine of your progress. I have seen clients win big because of their experience. They are able to think deeply and talk persuasively about their domain expertise. They tell this story to prospective employees, to their customers, to investors. Because it is true, many-sided, and coming from real experience in the real world, it is powerful.

There’s no doubt …

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