6 Reasons Landing Pages Are Important for Startups

1. Onboarding. Your landing page is the start of your onboarding process. Sure, you’re going to spend loads of time and attention on your UX. You want your log-in process to flow like butter. If you’re really smart, like Instagram was, you want your log-in process to subtly teach you how to use the app. Now let’s jump back even before that, to your potential user’s very first encounter with you. Probably a landing page. You want that page to create an experience that will be reflected all the way down the line.

2.  Promises Kept. Your landing page is the proving ground for the promise you make to users. In Lean Startup, the good teachers will tell you that your app or idea has be a solution to a problem worth solving. The best teachers will tell that your solution is a promise to your users. What does your landing page promise that you can actually deliver upon? Thinking of it like that is an automatic hype-removal filter. You are building trust among people who don’t know you. You want …

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How Startups Build Loyalty and Connection

You’re building something great. You have a landing page to attract attention.  You’re collecting emails.

What are you doing with all those emails?

Just … collecting them? If you have ten or 10,000 they are a treasure trove of potential customer  feedback.  They are an audience waiting to be educated and engaged about what you do. Let’s break that down into two parts. The interview part, and the education part.

Every startup does customer interviews.  This is the way you learn more about what you’re building. It’s the way you allow the work to teach you. It’s deep stuff, and Justin Wilcox is pretty much making a science of the customer interview over at Customer Development Labs.  He will tell you how to interview customers to get the most information, and even more importantly, learn how they are feeling.

Getting into a productive interview with a prospective customer is an art. So is reaching out to them. Some recommend cold calling/cold emailing. I don’t know about that. I get a lot of emails like that, and I ignore …

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