Roger Jackson of Kinonation on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Kinonation gives any content owner easy access to video streaming services worldwide in any format, language and territory.  In the podcast we talk about the tech behind that magic, and why it’s a good thing. Roger Jackson of Kinonation is with us today on the Cult/Tech Podcast. Red Cup Agency produces the podcast series. The interviewer is Lee Schneider.


Key Takeaways:

“We connect to just over 40 platforms worldwide right now” Roger at 5:24 “It’s good to get content on as many platforms in as many countries in as many languages as possible” Roger at 6:49 “So mission critical for the filmmaker to maximize all those elements that you said Lee are under his or her control” Roger at 11:18 “Curation is highly subjective  and it makes no sense to make yes or no decisions” Roger at 12:16 “Think how is this going to look on a mobile device” Roger at 18:03 “Kinonation only wins when the content creator wins” Roger at 19:36

The Cult/Tech Podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. The …

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