Passion is Just One Part of Your Startup Success

You’ve heard of ‘follow your bliss,’ right?  Just focus on your passion and you will be successful at whatever you choose. Follow your bliss and the money will follow? It’s not true.

Look, I love pizza. I fall into a blissful state when eating it. I have a great passion for eating pizza. You know the expression, ‘pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad, it’s good?’ That isn’t true, either. The thing is, nobody will pay me to eat pizza, no matter how much bliss it might bring me, especially John’s Pizza on Bleeker Street in New York, or Joe’s in New York or LA as a close second choice. Following your passion down the road to success, whether in a startup, as an entrepreneur, or even as a restauranteur, isn’t the whole picture.

You have to provide value.

And you have to provide value in the right dosage.

Certainly your passion will get you started. Anybody who has ever started anything knows that you have to work pretty hard at it, putting in more hours than you …

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