500 Words: The Future of Design – Design is the Future

I have seen the future. It is a student. It is a teacher. It is in its 20s, or maybe 50s. It is focused on using design as a tool to heal society’s ills.

I saw the future at the University of Minnesota College of Design. I was invited, along with my colleague Richard Neil, to be part of Public Interest Design Week, and run a workshop on digital storytelling. The weeklong event is the brainchild of John Cary.

Design – of buildings, objects, and public spaces – forms a lot about how we feel about the world. Work in a beautiful building and you feel good.  (Toil in a damp basement, not so good.)  Meet a friend in a public space that’s inviting – good experience. (Stumble into a decaying neighborhood, not so good.) Design shapes the world, and now students, teachers, architects, activists and makers are shaping design. They want design to reach a broad spectrum of people who will benefit. They want design thinking to permeate not just architecture studios, but also corporate …

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