Startup Innovation Centered in LA

When people think of Los Angeles, they think the creativity and innovation here is centered in Hollywood. Movies, celebs, red carpets, the entertainment-industrial complex – that’s where it’s happening. But the center of creativity is really somewhere else.

The movie industry, stuck in a loop of grinding out sequels, is probably the last place where you’d look in Southern California for innovation. For years Hollywood may have provided the most visible source of creativity, but there’s a long tradition here of innovation, and that tradition is in tech. From Howard Hughes, to Bill Gross’s IdeaLab, to startup superstars like OculusVR, tech is what drives change. Important startups like Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay – are shining a light on innovation. Incubators and accelerators like LaunchpadLA, Science and Mucker Lab support the innovation culture.

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