Dr. Dre and the Information Age

Dr. Dre and NWA were part of a music revolution. Now Dre finds himself on the receiving end of a different kind of revolt – the information age.  Rap was world-shaking, but for all its rage against the machine, it was still part of the machine. There was hype, even as we were told Don’t Believe the Hype. There was misogyny, and there were beatings, even rape, all  kept out of the public eye by managers and record companies.

Hiding bad behavior has become a lot harder to do.

Dr. Dre’s victims have come forward, each one made bolder by the next one’s story. They are able to do this because the media gatekeepers – like record companies and publicists – can’t stop them from posting to Twitter and Facebook. The media powers-that-be can’t police every blog. They can’t suppress every writer.  At one time, we could believe that Coke is It. When a big company made a bold assertion, that made it true. Now we’ve learned that Coca-Cola is involved in a grand deception, paying scientists to say that we should worry less about …

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