500 Words: What You Will Be Known For

500 Words on Thursday | Written by Lee Schneider

Some people have a billion clicks on YouTube. Others have 137,000 followers who read their blog. Who would you want to be?

If you use gmail, Google is analyzing your emails. Facebook is tracking your preferences in friends and products. Data is being gathered about you all the time. My past, and yours, are stored online. I wrote few cartoon scripts more than two decades ago. The series was called ThunderCats. Look for ThunderCats and me on the Internet, and you may assume this is what I am known for.  Even Twitter can make your career or take it down. Ask Anthony Weiner.

So it’s all out there, for all time, moving in powerful social currents. What do you want to make of it?

Jenna Marbles, the subject of a New York Times profile this past weekend, is the person I mentioned above with a billion clicks. She does sharp character comedy as nasty/good as Sarah Silverman or the late Jonathan Winters. She doesn’t appeal …

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