Top 10 and a Half Things I Learned from Running AdWords Campaigns

1. Google AdWords are great for a fast start. If nobody knows who you are and you need to get your launch in front of people, AdWords will do the trick fast.

2. Google AdWords can be expensive at first. Perhaps counterintuitively, if you hire someone to help you, paying for help will make your AdWords campaign cheaper. The company or consultant can optimize for geo-location, fine tune the bids, perfect the ad wording, change the way keywords are presented, adjust the timing of the campaign, can see the campaign from perspectives that you might not have considered.

3. Cull the herd – get rid of underperforming ads and keywords. They are just clogging things up for the ads and keywords that are working.

4. Look at day-by-day results. Some days might get more action than others, so why run ads on the losing days? Look at the Dimensions tab in your AdWords dashboard. It’s your friend.

5. Be sure you’re tracking the right thing. Put a tracking pixel all the way at the end at the …

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