The 3-Week Guide to Jet-Starting Your Startup’s Organic Community Building

A common challenge with paid advertising is its ability to generate visitors is that it does not necessarily build loyalty. The solution lies in a more organic approach — build loyalty by getting users talking about you. This is how you can start:

Week 1: Immediate friends and family Invite your friends and family to sign up for your service either for free or at a discounted rate. By ensuring that there is a “share this on social media” option, these signups will be able to reach potential end users within their network. Starting with your immediate circle and working for social sharing features can create the desired ripple effect that you are looking for.

Week 2: Most active social media friends Ask your top 5 most active friends on Facebook or Twitter to do you a favor: post out your links to their networks. Consider giving them 5 pre-written posts with links to your homepage or landing page that will be pushed out at different times.

Week 3: 1st or 2nd connections that are PR professionals An advanced search …

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How to Cost Effectively Buy Ads to Generate a Community of Customers

There is a fast way to community building: buying ads. Essentially, advertising can be used to buy yourself some friends that may become end users. Before purchasing advertising, you must have an understanding of how much you should budget for these efforts. Use tools like a Customer Lifetime Value calculator to get a better sense of how much its worth to spend on each customer. Once this has finished explore your ad platform options:

Google AdWords — These campaigns can deliver the fastest results, but can also be the most expensive. Your ability to target and focus is excellent, with parameters based on keyword, device, location, time of week, and more. It is recommended that you bring on an AdWords professional if you do not already have experience with the platform. Even what seems like the slightest details can make drastic changes on click through and conversion rates. Finding friends on Facebook — Facebook allows for targeting based on interests in addition to many of the AdWords parameters. Though Facebook presents the challenge of getting users to click off the …

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