500 Words: What Is Ours and What is Not

500 Words on Thursday  | Written by Lee Schneider

The end came quickly, after a long illness. The eulogies are already starting. Some of us are dressing in black. Perhaps you’ve heard. Google Reader is dead. Formal burial is scheduled for July 1.

Oh, you don’t care? Well, maybe I can help you here.

Google Reader was useful cloud app with, apparently, a dwindling user base. It allowed you to collect and read blog posts and articles from thousands of sources. Now, as Fast Company puts it, it’s see you later, aggregator.  If I were making a tribute film for Reader, the kind they play at the Academy Awards to honor the dead, one of the clips would show me in 2010, at the beginning of Red Cup Agency, when I was using Reader to gather articles by the boatload to post on Twitter for clients. Reader brought me the 140 characters I needed about babies, pregnancy, adventure, wine, and organic food. It was the little information engine that could. I depended on it.

Big mistake. When you depend on …

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