I Paid For Views

I paid for views. I feel a little dirty. Just a sec while I wash my hands again.

Ok, I’m back.

I like to test everything on myself first before I offer it to clients. In this way I am like the scientist who discovered the cure for ulcers by drinking Helicobacter pylori bacteria and waiting for what happened. Wasn’t pretty. But he was the only human patient he could ethically recruit.

I recruited myself to pay a guy on Fiverr to send a burst of 5,000 unique visitors to my site. That cost $5. For an additional $5 he upped the total to 15,000 visitors, and for another $10 he said he would spread the visits out over the month. So I was into my five dollar gig for $20. How did it turn out?

The Analytics hockey stick graph.

I got a hockey stick graph in my Analytics for the site. My Unique Visits went up 400% and stayed there. I admit that brought on some warm and fuzzy, like the tingling feeling you get when you …

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