The Value of Showing Up in Person

Sometimes it is better in person. I realize that is ridiculous for me to say because so much of what I do is online. I have grown to love the instant and often deep community connection that forms online. The access to research and stats and information is unparalleled. People from all over the world will help me get things done. Spelling and grammar checkers are my partners in writing.

That said, the Internet is vast and its communities largely unmapped, as hard as Google tries. You can search on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Pinterest, on Instagram, on Quora and hunt for connection until you get sick of looking at all those screens and then have to run outside and experience the real world.

Of course, there probably isn’t a distinction any longer between what we call the real word and the online world. Howls of protest: What about trees? And flowers? Calm down, you’re right, lovers of Nature. Gaia, the Earth Goddess, is still with us. This electric world, however, the one on our screens, is no less …

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