How to Use Successful Enterprise Release Management Practices in Your Startup

By Dan Radak

You might have heard about Enterprise Release Management (ERM), but you’re not quite sure what it is, or even if it could benefit you. After all, you have a startup – a far cry from a huge enterprise. But even startups can take some key points from enterprise release management and use them to their advantage. ERM is, to put it simply, a framework that allows big enterprises to manage changes in software and releases of new software in an organized and efficient manner. Sounds good, right? Today, even smaller companies usually deal with a complex, interconnected software system – the API back-end, the front-end, and the iOS and Android apps are the norm. Managing all the cogs involved in the creation of every one of these parts is no mean feat, and quality release management tools can prove to be invaluable.

Superior Time and Human Resource Management

Think of Enterprise Release Management just like project management, but on a much larger scale. Essentially, instead of one piece of software, several projects are in balance. In situations …

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