Email Marketing Services: A Fresh Comparison

A Personal, Biased View of Email Marketing Services

What is the best email marketing service for your online newsletter? I’ve used Constant Contact, MailChimp, AWeber, Emma and Vertical Response. They all will send your email newsletter. Some with do it with style. Some will do it plainly. Some will get you more  bounces (undeliverable emails) than the other providers. Others will allow you to sort through your list and send to specific people (called ‘segmenting the list’) and others will allow you to send specialized emails to people at intervals you choose (called ‘autoresponders.’) Here’s a listing of all the features of each and my rankings.


My bias:  Emma is my favorite platform (MailChimp is my second-favorite.) Emma has a large number of tastefully designed templates, but it is also easy to create your own or import templates from elsewhere. At this writing, Emma’s engineers just released a drag-and-drop interface for all templates. This means that you can move text, images, links and so forth, anywhere you want. The design flexibility is great and to my taste, far …

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