Control the Use of Your Name Online

In some uncomfortable hard-to-admit way, it seems that everything you pour into life, love and your startup comes down online to a .com or a .co or a .io. Domain names seem to carry so much weight. We sweat the procurement of the right .com, and fret if we have to put before the name we want, or have to add a .io when we don’t want to.

Is this worth it?

It may seem that by securing the necessary domain you are locking things down. The thing is, when you put your name online, you lose control anyway. People mention you on Twitter, call you out on Facebook, try to post comments on your blog feed. Does it make sense to try to maintain control of your name forever? I let the .com of my production company name go, and now when you go there, you are taken to Japan, to something that has nothing to do with me. I’ve written before about how my name, Lee Schneider, is common enough online so that Google Alerts …

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