Podcast Producers: Who Are They And Why Do You Need One?

Did you know the growth rate of podcast popularity holds at a steady 10 to 20% year-over-year? It’s no wonder why so many smart entrepreneurs and business owners are turning to podcasts in their marketing efforts.

This intimate format resonates with your audience while offering an immense amount of value. Hosts who bring on guests also build their personal network and gain access to new audiences.

However, creating high-quality podcasts isn’t as simple as plugging in a mic and talking. There is an immense amount of planning, preparation and promotion that goes into a successful podcast. Because of the work involved, many enlist the help of a Podcast Producer to strategize and manage the intricacies of production.

What is a Podcast Producer?

Professional podcast producers manage, record, edit and transmit podcasts for clients. Although some podcasters are also including vodcasts (video podcasts), most podcast producers focus specifically on the planning, sound quality and conversation of an audio-only file.

Ultimately, the producer’s goal is to take on the responsibility of technical and administrative details for getting the show launched. …

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