Who Are You Online?

You’re probably pretty familiar with the real world. That’s the place you drive around in, talk to children in, hug your significant other in, go to school in, and all that kind of thing. But you have a doppelganger also, a version of yourself that is chillin here and there, getting viewed, being read, critiqued, listened to and, yes, sometimes ignored.

You have a digital identity.

Why not Google yourself and get re-acquainted with the digital version of yourself, your startup, or your app? You’ll find some surprising stuff. People may be celebrating your digital identity or disrespecting it. People may be impersonating it, using your name, scraping your site for pictures, emails, addresses. Don’t freak out. You can’t control the online use of your identity, but you can have a go at leveraging it.

Here’s why you should.

Blogging is the new resume, as the saying goes (first popularized on The Next Web) and that it means is that if you’re a student, people are going to check your blog before they check your resume. I can’t remember …

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