Best Video I’ve Seen this Year

500 Words | Written by Lee Schneider

I’ve been looking at a lot of fundraising videos this week as I prepare a new lesson for Digital Fundraising School, which is coming this fall. Which video did I think was most effective? Which one raised the most money, got the most followers, made more hearts beat a little faster?

I’ve viewed videos about guys who decided to start a peanut butter manufacturing company after their bus caught fire on the road, listened to a graphic novelist with a charming Italian accent raise all the money she needed for her new book, and foot-tapped along with a couple of twentysomethings who managed to sing their way into funding their next album.

Then I saw a video made by a father and his seven-year-old son. It was the game-changer. They weren’t pitching anything. They didn’t want any money. They just had a plan to send a video camera into space. They did this all by themselves, using a Thai takeout food container as a space capsule.

As the dad, Luke …

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