TechSmart – David Hughes – PlantVillage

David Hughes is an assistant professor of entomology and biology at Penn State.  Together with Marcel Salathé, a professor of biology at Penn State, they created and maintain PlantVillage, a website built to create a social network of people growing food plants.  As David describes himself on the site:

‘I am a behavioral ecologist working mostly on diseases in ant societies. I have a strong interest in how knowledge in human societies is spread, retained and used. PlantVillage  aims to spread knowledge of food plants. I am absolutely fascinated with the global challenge of feeding nine billion people in the coming decades.’

A thank you to our good friend Jim Orr for introducing us at TechSmart to David Hughes. TechSmart is on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher Radio. When on the Red Cup site, just hit the orange button to play. The interviewer is Lee Schneider. Follow him on Twitter.

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