Building Culture from the Inside

Deploy Your Culture First and the Community will Follow

What do startups and artists have in common? They are creative, visionary, entrepreneurial and audacious enough to believe that they can change the world. Labeled by their friends as the ‘crazy’ person who is walking through life with that ‘different’ mindset. Finally, when it comes to communicating their vision to an audience, they all have to deal with the same question. How do we reach the people who are equally crazy and willing to turn into our fans, supporters and buyers?

Whether you’re a startup founder who is building a media platform that can change the online car shopping experience, or you’re a visual artist who is creating installation pieces for galleries, you want to communicate your vision to an audience.  A crazy specific audience at first, because they will be most enthusiastic about what you have to offer. In the startup world, people talk about this early audience as early adopters or “early-evangelists.” In the art world they’re called visionaries.  The way to inspire people and get them talking …

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