How to Manage Your Blog Without Going Crazy

Manage Your Blog and Social Feeds with Calendars

Managing all your blogs and social feeds is a balancing act. But you can make it easier. Create an editorial calendar for yourself.  You can start up a calendar on Google or if you use WordPress, there is a terrific plug-in that you can use to see and schedule all your upcoming posts. If you use Hootsuite, check out the Publisher view (it has a paper airplane icon) which allows you to see all pending posts in a calendar format.  All those solutions share some key features: They are visual so you can see what things look like over a month’s time, and they allow for drag-and-drop, which means you can switch the schedule of posts around just by moving them.

Know What You’re Going to Write

For two years I wrote a blog called 500 Words on Thursday. It was (guess what?) five hundred words, posted  each week on Thursday.  Each week I rarely knew what I was going to write before I wrote it. I let each blog …

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