Connected and Disconnected

500 Words | Written by Lee Schneider

We feast on social media networks, chewing through posts, texts, moments, images. We are insatiable, worse than zombies eating brains. It’s scary as a zombie movie, but scarier still is the possibility that we aren’t consuming anything –  the networks are consuming us. Watch a Southern California kid crossing the street while texting, oblivious to traffic, and you will certainly see a type of zombie.

Attention is the rarest form of generosity, wrote philosopher Simone Weil. It can be argued that we have become quite miserly. Since my nose is in my iPad now, does that mean that I care less about you?

The NY Times recently ran an opinion piece by Jonathan Safran Foer. He pointed out that most of our communication technologies began as diminished substitutes for an impossible activity. Traveling across the country to visit a friend was a bit of a bother, but a telephone conversation was a reasonable substitute. Better yet, when we didn’t want to speak with that person anyway, leaving a message on their phone machine …

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