Meditations on Product/Market Fit

Startups, it seems logical to assume, are fueled by coffee. There’s an old expression that mathematicians exist merely to process coffee into theorems. To that I add that programmers simply process coffee into code. There is a cultural connection between coffee and startups, and though it might seem a vague connection at first, once examined you can see its power.

Connecting startups with coffee

Case study: A new Philz Coffee opened last week in the startup-friendly neighborhood where I work. It has been packed since day one. In this neighborhood, there are already two Starbucks, a Coffee Bean with a firepit, a barista heaven called The Refinery, a place called Funnel Mill where they charge $4.50 for an espresso, and a Pain Quotidien that brews a pretty good french press coffee. There are two coworking spaces within a block of each other, four incubators close by, and two more coworking spaces and three more incubators in walking distance.

Does this mean that you can never have enough coffee? Yes, when conditions are right.

On the street where I live there are two Starbucks, …

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