Climbing the Mountain of Social Commerce with Moja Gear

Moja Gear is an innovative startup based in San Luis Obispo, CA that organically mixes both social and retail services online. They have built a community-powered hub that caters to climbing enthusiasts. includes new articles and featured products every day, including a variety of content submitted by the climbing community. We like them because they are setting an excellent example of how to build a community around a startup.

Other social channels like Instagram and Tumblr might work best

Moja Gear’s most successful social media platforms are Instagram and Tumblr. Content and community drive their Instagram activity. Check out their feed: @MojaGear. Users are able to submit photos to be featured on the Moja Gear page using a special hashtag. If you search their hashtag #ClimbMoja you will notice it has over 7,700 posts. Encouraging this sort of participation from their followers has proven successful in producing follows, likes and general traffic. Tumblr has also been effective as a marketing tool, especially because there are so few businesses on the platform. As a result, Moja …

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