Becoming a B Corp

I have a simple measure of whether a day at work has been a “good day.” I judge it by the quality of my conversations. When I speak with people on the phone or meet with them, I crave interesting conversations and value them when they happen. In the last few months, I’ve noticed a pattern. The founders of companies with a social mission always had the most interesting and inspiring statements about their work. Their business challenges were deeper and, therefore, a more worthwhile challenge for Red Cup. The conversation was, in a word, interesting. Something was clicking into place.

The companies that I admire are about a lot more than just staying in business. They have a social good mission to fulfill. Patagonia. EO Products. Kickstarter. Give Something Back. Fetzer Wines. They do a fine job of staying in business and turning profits, and they’ve found a way to benefit society in real ways that matter. Patagonia’s commitment to land conservation and recycling isn’t just talk. Give Something Back is helping local communities. Fetzer has high organic production …

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