7 Ways to Convince Investors to Back Your Idea

Written by Elena Tahora

The current economic climate is ripe for starting a business and entrepreneurs are two a penny. However, there is a wide margin between a great idea and a successful business, and in most cases, you will need funding to bridge the gap. Unfortunately, attracting business funding is not always a piece of cake, even when you have a brilliant idea. Here are seven tips to maximise your chances of persuading investors your idea has legs.

Have a Feasible Idea

The world is full of people with ideas, but not all of them stand up to scrutiny. To attract investment, you need a great idea. You don’t necessarily need to come up with a truly original idea, but your idea does need to have potential. Perhaps you have spotted a gap in the market or you have thought of a new and innovative way to do something. Whatever your idea, think it through and examine it from all angles before you put it on the table for investors.

Speak to family and friends. If your idea doesn’t persuade …

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