No More Generalists

500 Words | Written by Lee Schneider

There are no more generalists. Ok, a bold statement, not entirely true. There’s still a Sears. There’s still a Macy’s. There’s still a guy with that truck that says Handyman on the side who drives around the neighborhood.

But in the online world, rapidly becoming the only world that matters to many of us, specialists rule the day. If you are a photographer, you have focused on a certain population, like newlyweds, or snowboarders. If you need to do Google Adwords, you call an Adwords guy. If you want to send a personalized magazine-like email like I’m doing a lot of lately, you call the email marketing guy. Coders specialize in WordPress or Ruby on Rails. Companies dedicate themselves solely to task-management applications.

There’s a reason for this. It starts out being technical, because when you’re creating something specialized, like an app that does your books, you need to know a lot about the needs of the people who would use such an app. But the reasons for this specialization soon …

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How to Write an Article that Shows Your Value

Written by Lee Schneider

It’s been said that writing is easy. You just sit in front of a blank piece of paper until blood comes out of your eyes. It’s a little less bloody now, of course, because we have computers. But for many, writing can be a mountain to climb.

Getting started on an article, a blog post or a newsletter might just be the hardest part about writing. But beginning is a lot easier when you know that the most effective articles are from 300-500 words. You can keep it short. It’s not a dissertation, and you don’t have to tell all that you know in a single article. You also want to keep it personal, making a connection between your reader and yourself. We are narrative creatures – think of our ancient ancestors sitting around a campfire telling stories. So, tell a story, bring in a short anecdote, connect. You’ll also want to show value, but in a non-pitchy, non sales-y way. What does that mean?

The most successful blog articles, and also LinkedIn posts and Twitter …

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