Why LA Works as a Startup Town

Over on Techli this week I’ve posted some thoughts on why Los Angeles works as a startup town.  It’s a shout out to Built in Los Angeles, which is doing a great job of tracking events and deepening the startup conversation.  Here’s a clip from the article.

For most people, LA tech is a mystery. They may have a vague sense that there is a tech community out here, a secret motor pushing the economy along our tangled freeways, an invisible magnet attracting investors, creatives, and startup founders to Santa Monica and LA. Mostly, though, people have a pretty vague image of LA tech. When they think LA, entertainment snaps into focus. Hollywood, LA’s louder industry, has grabbed the mental bandwidth, charged you for a movie ticket, overcharged you for popcorn, and guilted you into getting the plush toy for your kid.

The landscape is changing faster, however,  than WiFi hotspots are multiplying, as tech continues to innovate, and Hollywood plays itself out as a mature industry, with its top-tier 1% group focused on hanging on to their power. Startups …

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