How Brands and Businesses Can Experiment With Their Content More

By Patrick Foster

Are you fresh out of content ideas? Feeling exhausted and uninspired by your current content strategy? Maybe it’s because you haven’t done anything new in awhile…

As a business it’s important to experiment with different content formats and types on a regular basis to avoid getting content fatigue (and boring your audience to tears).

Use these content experimentation ideas to help you get out of your content rut.

Don’t leave it all to the content creators

Great content marketers know that they don’t know everything. Every business that is stuck in a content stalemate needs to zoom out and get more people involved. Content creators need help from business stakeholders and other departments in order to harness internal stories and unearth hidden content gems.

Content teams need to interview senior management teams on a regular basis in order to obtain insight into leadership and current industry challenges. Internal expert interviews are a great way to discover emerging industry trends, and will help brands create exciting, thought-leadership content pieces. Busy executives can be hard to pin down, …

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10 Screens of Closely Spaced Names

There is an app I use called Insight Timer. It’s for timing meditation sessions. It’s a little clunky.  Pretty basic. You’ve probably never heard of it. Recently the creator of the app sent a note out to the users, via the app, and he got a response. A huge response. There were ten iPhone screens of responses expressing happiness about how the app was being upgraded.

Ten screens of closely spaced names.

That’s remarkable. It caused me to ask, What is this guy doing right? The users of this app, simple as it is, simply love it and are immensely grateful to the maker of it. I think an app earns that kind of love when users realize how much they like it, then desire it, and then realize they would miss it if it were to disappear.  In fact, my litmus test for any app or brand is to ask myself, if this [fill in the blank] were to go away, would I be sad? If I can answer ‘no, I wouldn’t be sad’ to that, then the app’s …

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