How to Come up with Podcast Story Ideas

Whether you just made the leap into podcasting, or are a seasoned podcaster chances are you are always on the lookout for great content to share with your audience.

If you’ve been podcasting for a while, it can sometimes feel challenging to come up with new, fresh, and relevant ideas to share with your audience. You may even feel, at times, like you’ve covered it all.

If you are just starting out, you may also struggle but for a different reason. You want to know how to be selective and choose the right story idea for your podcast that resonates, and helps you attract, retain, and grow your audience.

With more than 8 million podcast episodes published to the iTunes store in more than 100 languages and over a billion subscribers (according to MacWorld), your audience has a lot of choices in terms of content. Coming up with strong story ideas is a critical, and often overlooked first step to creating successful podcast episodes.

How to Brainstorm

The first place to start coming up with story ideas for your …

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