Is Big Data Needed in Small Business?

Written by Jeremy Sutter

Some of the strategies utilized by small businesses for increasing online presence in the past few years revolve around building credible websites, email marketing, digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although some of those efforts are still viable for most small business owners, Big Data analysis has taken the lead for many large business enterprises, and small businesses should also keep pace with the trend in order to stay relevant in today’s competitive markets.

An IDG study of 2016 showed that about 78% of large business enterprises have already embraced the emergency of data and analytics. Small business owners ought to admit that Big Data is a game changer when it comes to collection and analysis of data for faster decision making in regards to the running of the day-to-day operations of their businesses. Big data has, become a major enabler in real-time digital interconnectivity. Most small businesses, shareholders and decision makers in startup organizations are still at the infancy stages of implementing digital transformations that accommodate the Big Data technology. There are various …

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