TechSmart Podcast #16 | Matt Hendrickson | Ascendify

Ascendify is a social recruiting platform that combines the qualities of  Facebook, LinkedIn and Monster to create a private social network for your company.  Recruitment and job hunting have always been social, says Matt Hendrickson, CEO and founder of Ascendify, and the application takes the social dimension to the next level. Ascendify came about to help job hunters navigate the sometimes less than warm and fuzzy world of applying to jobs online, and also to assist hiring managers in connecting with, cultivating and choosing the best applicants. 

Matt tells the story of how Ascendify has connected with its market and provides a tip for startuppers: Be sure that your brilliant ideas are built for what the market wants.

Also on the podcast, comedian Dan Nainan talks about one of his favorite applications – Evernote. The TechSmart podcast can be found on iTunes, on SoundCloud and also Stitcher Radio. When on the Red Cup Site, just click the big orange button to listen.

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